Human Resource Development Diploma

The Human Resource Development Specialization is a set of six courses and the final assignment. They will all prepare you to become a skilled Human Resource Developer.

All courses and assignments in this specialization take around 44 hours to complete. You will get the chance to demonstrate your knowledge in more than 60 quizzes (450+ questions) and the final assignement (a 1000-word case study) - something every employer will surely appreciate.

Once all courses have been completed and the final assignment submitted and positively reviewed, you will receive your Human Resource Development Diploma and a specification of all the topics that you learned during this specialization program, for your current or future employer.

This Specialization includes the following courses:

Course 1: Adult Learning - Mental Skills

Course 2: Adult Learning - Physical Skills

Course 3: Social Learning

Course 4: Coaching And Mentoring

Course 5: Knowledge Management

Course 6: Measuring Results From Training

More information available soon.

Human Resource Development Diploma
LevelAll levels
ContentText / video
Study time3-4 hours per course + final assignment
€ 289.00
€ 343.00

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